About The Welsh Barrow

The Drangway Restaurant in Swansea was one of Wales’ leading restaurants from 1974 to€“ 1986. During this time it specialised in sourcing local produce, particularly seafood from Gower. The unique Welsh seaweed speciality laverbread was one of the ingredients used widely in recipes, and in the early 1980s it was so popular with customers, many from overseas wished to take some home. In conjunction with Metal Box Co of Neath, Colin Pressdee began to investigate the canning of laverbread to make it easily transportable.

As laverbread requires long cooking, the canning process was particularly suitable, and in 1983 the first canned laverbread, bearing the Drangway label came onto the market. Recipe leaflets on how to use laverbread in contemporary cooking followed. In the ensuing years it was stocked by many prestigious retailers in Britain, and was sent by mail order to over twenty countries world-wide.

Laverbread was popular as a tourism gift, and many shops sold the delicacy alongside Welsh honey, preserves and biscuits etc. At country shows and food exhibitions the Drangway Welsh produce was displayed on an original costermongers barrow. It became known as The Welsh Barrow at these shows, and hence the name was created.

The Welsh Barrow has continued as the production and marketing company for Drangway canned laverbread. The freshly cooked seaweed laverbread is purchased from the traditional producers in Gower, canned and labelled ready for the home and export markets. The labels, recipe leaflets and product information has been updated, and the new-look presentation has proved most popular with existing and new customers.

The Welsh Barrow sells laverbread to some large wholesalers and retailers, restaurants and food production companies. Smaller quantities are sent by mail order in boxes of 12 cans, and are sent all over the world. The company is managed by Carwyn Evans. He is a partner in the business and takes care of production schedules through to the distribution channels, and creating new and exciting ways of using laverbread in modern cuisine.

For further information contact:

Carwyn Evans at: info@laverbread.org

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