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Black Magic - It comes in different forms:

From the Caspian Sea as CAVIAR From Japan
From Ireland as that famous STOUT
From Normandy as BOUDIN NOIRE From the Mediterranean as BLACK OLIVES And from WALES as LAVERBREAD

Raven black it glistens and has the smack of the sea about it. It looks like Popeye’s can of spinach! Popeye’s girlfriend is Olive Oyl. Thirty years ago you could only buy olive oil in chemists to dewax your ears. Now her eponymous product has become the healthy backbone of contemporary cookery.
We think Laverbread is the marine equivalent of Popeye’s spinach and like olive oil it will be a major element in cookery; it is a flexible cuisine ingredient with phenomenal health giving properties.
On its own it has the texture of a fine black olive puree and the taste of the sea.
As part of a traditional Welsh breakfast, it creates wonderful taste sensations with bacon, eggs, and black pudding. Better still, use it as a cooking ingredient and like those other enliveners olives, capers and anchovies it adds a totally different flavour dimension. Many top chefs us it to create the most tasty meals for the major celebrations they organise for their guests, name it Christmas, Valentines day romantics, Wedding anniversaries and more.
Laverbread can be an ingredient in some sensational canapés and tapas as well as an ingredient in main course dishes. As well as tasting amazing, Laverbread is good for you! It contains several vitamins and chemical elements essential for human well-being.